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16 Apr '14
Everyone Is A Jerk


Frederick was a bit excited. Hadn’t been so excited since Will had entered his little collection but that had become a whole other game when he now knew that man was innocent. Will’s mind wouldn’t be his for much longer. That was all right. He had himself another curious case. From what he read, this man was difficult when it came to being psychoanalyzed. Precious. Not very different from Mr. Graham, honestly.

Only this one was most certainly a killer. Such acts of violence was well noted. And the case surrounding him was quite the gruesome, disgusting one. Made the judge vomit. But how many of his patients could say their judge had been killed and strung up like a puppet?

Chilton wasn’t sure if it was a disappointment or a blessing Will Graham would be out of his hair. They would catch Hannibal soon, he knew it. 

But those thoughts were brushed aside as he carefully made his way down the hall of cells, guards not far behind as he attempted not to limp too much with his cane. He stopped at a fair distance from Phineas and tilted his head with a small, polite smile. However it still felt pretentious, mocking. “How’s our new family member? You’ve made quite the mess getting here. Shall I call you Professor Armastus? Or do you prefer the little trademark the papers gave you?”

Phineas didn’t give his attention immediately to Chilton. Gave the guards a look over. Calmly taking in a deep breath. First one since he woke up. He’d need it for talking.

One guard had keys on them. Both were far away and had batons. Disappoint. It would have been hard to leave the Nevada prison, but it’d been possible at least. With the times and the right moves.

Phin put on a smile while settling attention on the prissy man talking to him. Friendly, cheerful, bright, normal. “The last time they caught me I was taking a piss. Can’t blame me for giving them a little more of a run this time.” Tone to match. High in volume. “While I like that you know what the papers coined me, it’s…odious. Professor Armastus is fine. Phineas is fine. Phin is fine.”

He pushed more upright and leaned shoulder to the bars he was speaking through. “Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? More importantly, where am I? And do I get a phone call?”

16 Apr '14
1 ((Mirror of Erised: Gotta be his own grave. He's not always actively suicidal but I think he's still got that general idea that he and everyone else would honestly be better off dead. Because logically, what else would he desire? A loving, supportive wife that he would constantly compare to Denise? Denise back from the dead, to live out a life that might ultimately end up with him snapping and killing her? No he wants Alice to grow up without his inner madness stalking behind her because

2. she fits his M.O. He wants P E A C E from the steadily pulling darkness that he canNOT escape from. He is in a grave already and he knows it, someone just needs to throw dirt on top of him and plant a flower.))

(( you need t oshut up and marry me

by my second Mormon waifu ))

16 Apr '14
Everyone Is A Jerk

He hadn’t sustained any serious injury. A number of bruises, some of them pretty nasty to his torso, but nothing that warranted hospitalization. Especially since he wasn’t giving signs of pain. He was low maintenance as they called him once they had a file on him enough to know he had analgesia.

Faking his way into a hospital went out the window. He’d been less than cooperative most of the way to the institution. Took them a few times to stop using pepper-spray. From there he’d been sedated for a number of what he had to assume were hours.

Woke up without his glasses in velcro shoes on a cot in a very incredibly sparse prison cell. Left metal hand gone. Capped and welded over. Lovely.

This was a problem. He slowly swung himself upright. He wasn’t dizzy. Good. They didn’t knock him in the head. Or borderline overdose him. He got right up and went straight to the bars. Grasping a couple near the door hinges with a shoulder under the middle bar. Where he rattled and attempted to heave them up and out of place. 

Couldn’t do that with the door closed. Couldn’t do that even with his propensity to push until muscles tore. So he stopped and moved away from it again. Gave it an honest try at any rate.

Well, then. He stuck hands and lack of hands through the bars and leaned into them with elbows on the middle bar. Time to wait. Someone would be around eventually.

Even if he was the only one in a cell down there he could hear.

16 Apr '14
Mirror of Erised: An aged mother standing next to Denise, accepting her as her daughter and her dear Phineas' wife

[loudest of serial killer squints]

16 Apr '14


just now got this

you’re too kind

16 Apr '14
My character looks into the Mirror of Erised, what do you think they see in it?
16 Apr '14

Won’t be any more online posts until further notice.

15 Apr '14

Turn on the news.

All the boys in my yard. Got a milkshake better than yours.

15 Apr '14

Death toll 8.

Now I’m just not impressed.

Except with the Kevlar. Nasty bruises, but hot damn. Save my life twice now.

15 Apr '14
EY, COMMISSION UPDATE POST! ***Also Important help is needed.***


So below are going to be some updated examples and some commission prices! But there’s also a situation that I’m trying to work around, and any and all commissions are welcome and very much needed.

Right now I’m working on accumulating enough cash between my job and what I can do here to come up with enough funding to get an apartment with my girlfriend, Molly, whom many of you may or may not know from her blog, AskScientistCarlos and SpaceHeater. Just to start, so I can get out there and get a steadier job to support things. Right now I work as a groomer and the hours are not steady, paid purely by commissions and tips, but due to personal extreme anxiety issues, I can’t get a better job out here.

The main issue is that we’re on a time crunch, and she herself is under the threat of being kicked out if she doesn’t find an apartment by June 2014, so all of the money and help we can receive is incredibly beneficial and welcomed.

We need to try and get at least 1000$ in total between us, to get our asses out and in a house with food, etc, this including also the two month down payment, etc. Not to mention myself moving from NY to NH, which its going to potentially cost me gas, etc wise.So any help that we can receive would be super appreciated, beyond belief.

Now enough of the sad crap ya’ll don’t wanna hear this is what I’ve got.


"Chibi" style drawings, which may range in price depending on what’s desired, but generally it’s 5$-10$ per chibi, as I usually paint them as well. Another example of my chibi work (one of my favorites I’ve done) is here.


Next up on the list are sketches. Sketches vary from 5$-15$ as I’m able to do full body Sketches, half bodyportrait, etc. They are simply uncolored and sketched. Most of the time portraits will go for 5$, and increase from there.


Portraits are 10$, each and every one is ‘painted’ and the price will only be increased if more challenging details are added into the portrait piece.


Half Body portraits are 20$ and can include more detail and of course an extra person.


Full body drawings are a total of 25$, the above which are masterfully censored by myself for the sake of the fact that I literally have no full bodies that are not NSFW.

Backgrounds will be added to the cost, varying from 5$-15$, all based around the level of difficulty desired in the background. I do not regularly draw background pieces but I will gladly try my hand at it. Adding an extra person is usually an additional 10$ but I reserve the right to increase the price if said character is complicated.

Otherwise, things I will draw include NSFW, various kinks, etc, you name it. There is very little I will not actually draw, but I’m not going to slap limits on this shit right now because I quite honestly can’t think of anything I wouldn’t draw at the moment.

So please, even if you can’t afford, signal boost this post so I can build up the cash I need, etc. Plus, I’d love to have some more practice in there. :)

You can reach me by sending asks to this account (DrinkyDrawings), my personal (DrinkyJogu), or my RP account (CyanideCaps). You can also reach me VIA Skype, my username there is CyanideCaps, and my email is for those who’d prefer to email inquiries. Everything can otherwise be discussed in emails/asks/on skype.